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4Nayla Dental, is the only company that imports Z-SYSTEMS zirconia-ceramic dental implants from Switzerland.

Our aim is to work together with Turkish dentists and clinics to make Turkey a leader in the field of metal-free dentistry. Our implants offer the highest quality and aesthetics, setting new standards and allowing you to offer metal-free dentistry.

​​  Be a part of our mission to help shape Turkey's future.​

Z-SYSTEMS Switzerland

World leader in ceramic implants


Z5-TL Tissue level implant

The world's first 100% ceramic, two-piece, and screw-retained implant-abutment connection

Z5-BL Bone level implant

The world's first 100% ceramic, two-piece, and screw-retained implant-abutment connection

Z5m monotype

Reliable implant for many different indications


Implant developed for immediate implantation and soft bone

no active sales

Z5 BL  Bone level Implant

The world's first 100% ceramic, two-piece and screw implant-abutment connection

Professional and aesthetic treatment

  • Optimal aesthetic results with a wide range of products including angled and straight abutments
  • Wide range of products for the design of the outlet profile

100% ceramic

  • 100% ceramic two-piece bone level implant with screws
  • Surgical procedure similar to titanium implant surgery
  • Two-stage surgery is possible; in appropriate cases, implants can be placed simultaneously with augmentation and sinus lift application.

Unique, powerful connection

  • Tapered screw connection with internal thread for micro-gap-free connection and prevention of pump effect.
  • NEW: Ceramic abutment screw for 100% ceramic restoration Titanium screw optionally available
  • The platform switch feature ensures proper force transmission onto crestal bone and increased soft tissue compliance

Experience gained from more than 80,000 implants

  • The ability to form its own groove reduces the insertion torque
  • Perfect osseointegration with Z-SYSTEMS' patented superior SLM laser surface technology and plasma sterilization

Z-Systems in Turkey dental opinion leaders

"Z-Systems ceramic implants stand out with an ideal synthesis of aesthetics, durability and biocompatibility. A solution that shapes the future in dentistry."

Prof. Dr. Belir Atalay

Istanbul University | İstanbul

"Z-Systems ceramic implants play a key role in the successful rehabilitation of my patients. They are a reliable option for aesthetic excellence and patient satisfaction."

Specialist Dr. Samed Sönmez

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon | Antalya

"Z-Systems ceramic implants stand out with their superior performance in durability and biocompatibility. They are a reliable choice for the long-term health of my patients."

Specialist Dr. Gökhan Yılmaz

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon | Antalya

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